Thistle Hill Academy

Tracks Swale

Richmond Academy is pleased to announce that Tracks Swale will be based on the Academy site from September 2017.

Tracks Swale is a satellite intervention based on the programme that was developed at Tracks Two Bridges. Presently it covers primary schools based in Sittingbourne and the Isle of Sheppey.

The main emphasis of learning for the students whilst at Tracks, is to break the habits of learned inappropriate behaviour that have become established and begin to build a more resilient and independent approach to problem solving challenges, that the student faces.

There is a referral form and screening process which schools enter into if they wish to put a pupil forward for the programme. If successful, the pupil, parent or carer and school representative participate in a pre-admission meeting. In this meeting further explanation of the programme is given, targets are set and expectations of communication and support between Tracks, School and Home are established.

Tracks Swale ‘borrows’ the pupil from their primary school, initially for 4 days a week, gradually decreasing as the weeks move on, to ensure a gradual and smooth reintegration process. To enable that both Tracks and the home school ‘Sing from the same song sheet’ school TAs join the Tracks programme for 6 half day visits, or if the pupil has a 1:1 TA then they join them for the whole programme. The visits enable the TAs to learn ‘top tips’ on how to deal with different situations that arise and also to see their pupil adapt and use learnt strategies to change their behaviour. 

Throughout the programme, regular contact is made with the parent / carer. A home school contact book is used daily to ensure parents and schools are fully aware of their child’s successes. They are invited into assemblies on week 3 and 9 and family days on week 6 and 12.

Whilst at Tracks the pupils study a variety of topics through literacy, numeracy, science and outdoor learning. Alongside this art, music and Lego intervention take place. Through the creative and individualized delivery of these subjects the pupils learn different skills and strategies which they can take back into the home school to settle into a more successful pattern of learning

Throughout the 12 week programme (10 weeks for cohort 6 in the summer term), and then for approximately 10 weeks after, the pupils are regularly supported via Tracks outreach support at their home school.

If you require any more information about Tracks, please contact the Head of Tracks, Beth Burrows