Thistle Hill Academy


School Uniform

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Fairy Garden

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Owls Science

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Early Birds - Easter Bonnets

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Our parents helped us to make Easter bonnets.

Visit from the Fire Fighters

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The Fire Fighters came to visit us. We enjoyed spraying water out of the hoses. The Fire Fighters showed the lights flashing and put the siren on it make a loud noise.

Early Birds - Easter Cakes

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Look at our Easter cakes! We melted chocolate and mixed it together with shredded wheat, then chose some jelly beans.

Early Birds - Red Nose Day

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We dressed in red for Red Nose Day. Even Natasha, Sarah (our lovely volunteer) Mrs Baker, Karen, and Carla!

Early Birds - Play and Stay

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Our parents came to play and stay; we had lots of fun taking part in the different activities.

Early Birds - Ducklings

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We enjoyed watching the ducklings hatch from the eggs during Science week. They were very small and made a cheeping sound. We saw the ducklings the following week, they had grown so much!

Early Birds - Chicken

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A teacher brought her chicken in. It was very friendly!

Early Birds - People who help us

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We have been learning about People Who Help Us. We had great fun trying on the police uniform and hats, and sitting in the police car.

Early Birds - World Book Day

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We dressed up for World Book Daynand our parents came to read to us.